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HERO: Strength in Numbers – June 26th


Presented by
Becki Berkowitz, RN at the Hemophilia Treatment Center of Nevada

Dinner will be served
John J Jeffries, Inside Lancaster Arts Hotel
300 Harrisburg Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17603


HERO: Strength in Numbers explores:
- Psychosocial issues in hemophilia
- Different takes on sports and activities
- Paying it forward: How to be a HERO to others with Hemophilia

Recently, more than 1200 people took part in the HERO (Hemophilia Experiences, Results, and Opportunities) study. They were asked how hemophilia has impacted their lives, both good and bad. But, how can their experiences help you? In this class, you’ll learn ways to turn their experiences into new ideas. Then, using the power of the hemophilia community, you can adapt those ideas to help change your view of hemophilia. HERO: Strength in numbers will show you inventive ways of inspiring yourself and others in your life.


There is no charge for this event

Phone or email to: Curt Krouse

O: 484-445-4282 curtk@hemophiliasupport.org











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