BBQ for the DVC of the NHF
To Benefit the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation
215-393-3611 fax 215-393-9419
©2015 EPC of the NHF
14 E. Sixth St., First Floor
Lansdale, PA 19446

“BBQ Cook-Off For A Cure” Barbeque Competition
Horseshoes for Hemophilia Tournament
All you can eat BBQ and Family Day

2015 Participating Teams

Bubba's Barbeque Big Belly Beer Bque TNT Drop the Glove


B's Que
Big Dawg’s
BBQ Beer Buddies


PJ's Riggy Piggy Bearded Pigs Larry's Smokin' tutle


Napkin Killers smokin' Chicks RIGHT ON CUE RY-B-Que


Herm's Hogs BBQ Dante's Inferno White Collar Barbecue
Hooked on Onyx



Hound Dog BBQ

Brokeback BBQ Greysmoke BBQ
Vermont Jerks




Fire Ants BBQ
Flavor File BBQ